Leather Zip Repairs

Leather Zip Repairs & Replacement

The Leather Workshop has over 20 years of experience repairing and altering leather jackets and motorcycle leathers of all kinds. All our leather zip repairs are carried out in house. We do not contract out to ensure quality control of both materials, and to maintain our high standard of workmanship. Your replacement zip will be either of equivalent or often superior quality as we only use YKK and Opti products and top grade thread. A more robust zip can generally be fitted if appropriate. Leather pull tags are fitted as standard on all main and connecting zips.

Front zip - Leather jacketfrom £50
Front zip (heavy duty), 1 - piece or jacketfrom £50
Fly zip (heavy duty)£30
Pocket zip£30
Calf zip£30
Connecting zip 360ºfrom £70
Seam restitchfrom £15
Replace panelfrom £25
All prices are approximate and intended as a guide only. We recommend you contact us for a quotation as cost will vary depending on the construction of the item.

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To submit any photographs of a zip that needs replacing,
please email debbie@leather-workshop.co.uk

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