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All prices are approximate and intended as a guide only. We recommend you contact us for a quotation as
cost will vary depending on the construction of the suit.

Logo consisting of average length name in two colours, fittedfrom £45
Customers own badge, fitted with plastic coverfrom £5
Badges printed to order, fitted with plastic coverfrom £10
Front zip (heavy duty), 1 - piece or jacketfrom £50
Fly zip (heavy duty)£30
Pocket zip£30
Calf zip£30
Connecting zip 360ºfrom £70
Seam restitchfrom £15
Replace panelfrom £25
Replace knee slider velcro£30 - £60
Shorten leg at thighfrom £65
Lengthen thigh£85
Shorten lower leg£30
Shorten lower leg, move zips£50
Lengthen lower leg£30
Lengthen lower leg, move zips£60
Fit stretch kevlar panel to crotchfrom £40
Fit stretch kevlar panels behind kneesfrom £55
Take in legsfrom £25
Replace waist elastic£30
Fit velcro strap and pull adjuster£15
Reduce seatfrom £30
Reduce waist£50
Increase waist£60 - £80
Increase width of legsfrom £30
Fit knee slider velcro£30 - £60
Reline pocketfrom £15
Shorten sleeve£30
Shorten sleeve, move zips£50
Shorten sleeve above elbowfrom £50
Lengthen sleeves£30
Lengthen sleeves, move zips£60
Lengthen sleeve above elbowfrom £60
Reduce width of torsofrom £50
Increase width of torsofrom £60
1 - Piece Suits
Increase width of torso£80 - £120
Reduce width of torso£60 - £100
Sleeve and leg alterations as per trouser and jacket prices.

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